OST Concurrency Lab

Prof. Dr. Luc Bläser

Consulting and Engineering

We are happy to support customers with consulting and development forces in their software projects. We are passionate software engineers routinely working on larger software projects in various industrial and commercial domains. We are available for the following types of projects:

  • Software engineering support or project realization.
  • Architecture, design and code reviews.
  • Software technology consulting.
  • Applied deep learning.


We have particular experience in the following areas of parallelization and concurrency:

  • .NET parallelization: TPL, async/await, multi-threading, dataflow, Rx.NET.
  • GPU (CUDA, OpenCL), GPU-Support for .NET.
  • Distributed parallelization: distributed job scheduling, message queues, MPI.
  • Compiler and runtime systems: .NET Compiler Platform (Roslyn), CLI/CLR, CUDA cross-compilation/runtime, LLVM.
  • Databases and transactions: MS SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres, IBM DB2.
  • Algorithm parallelization: medical image processing and more.
  • Deep Learning: Tensorflow, Keras, Python.
  • Advanced concurrency models: Intel TSX, STM, reactive programming, actor model, CSP.

We put particular focus on C#/.NET, see also our .NET Technology Lab. As for concurrency and parallization, we are also active in Java, Typescript/JS, Python, C++, and other specific technologies.

Project References

We already performed projects in collaboration with the following companies:

  • Assa Abloy AG, Richterswil
  • Ascomp GmbH, Zurich
  • ATOS AG, Zurich
  • Bernmobil, Bern
  • BIP Investment Partners, Luxembourg
  • Crealogix AG, Zurich
  • Compass Security AG, Jona
  • Coresystems AG, Zurich
  • cnLab AG, Rapperswil
  • CSS Versicherung, Luzern
  • Eaton Automation GmbH, St. Gallen
  • Flughafen AG, Kloten
  • Geberit AG, Rapperswil
  • Geotopo AG, Frauenfeld
  • Helbling Technik AG, Zürich
  • Intigena Produktions-AG, Mettmenstetten
  • InCube Group, Baar/Zürich
  • Lucid Concepts AG, Zurich
  • Mobiland AG, Neuenhof
  • Microsoft Inc.
  • M&F Engineering, Fahrweid
  • Nefos GmbH, Zurich
  • Noser Engineering AG, Winterthur
  • Oberon Microsystems AG, Zurich
  • Proffix Software AG, Wangs
  • QuantAlea GmbH, Wiesendangen
  • Rodix AG, Rain
  • Sanacare AG, Winterthur
  • Scanco Medical AG, Brüttisellen
  • Senozon AG, Zurich
  • Systransis AG, Rotkreuz
  • Tecan AG, Männedorf
  • TI&M Technology Management & Innovation AG, Zurich
  • Trendiction SA, Luxembourg
  • UBS AG, Zurich
  • Varian Medical Systems, Baden
  • ZFI AG, Zurich (industrial training courses)
  • Zühlke AG, Schlieren
  • More companies (confidential)

Consulting Requests

Please contact us for more details on our experience. We are looking forward for interesting projects.