Former Group of Prof. Dr. Luc Bläser

Parallel Checker for C# in Visual Studio

Concurrency errors, such as data races and deadlocks occur non-deterministically and are therefore particularly hard to find, not only by testing. For this reason, we have developed an efficient static checker for Visual Studio that detects data race and deadlock issues in C# at compile- or code-writing-time. With our new analysis algorithm, the checker runs very fast and achieves very high precision. Issues are conveniently highlighted directly in the source code while working in the IDE.

Available at GitHub

The checker is available as an open-source project with MIT license at the Parallel Checker GitHub Page.

Related Publication

  • L. Bläser. Practical Detection of Concurrency Issues at Coding Time. International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis (ISSTA) 2018, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, In ACM Digital Library, July 2018.