Former Group of Prof. Dr. Luc Bläser

Persistent Oberon Language and System

Persistent Oberon is an extension of the Oberon programming language and Oberon Bluebottle operating system for language-institutionalized data persistence.

Project duration: 2003 - 2004. Realization at ETH Zurich, Native Systems Group. 2011 - 2022: Technical contact address via OST - Ostschweizer Fachhochschule.


System Download

Please pay attention to the license and legal disclaimer (click here) for this system.

The current snapshot of Persistent Oberon is available and includes mostly all source code:

Select 'Tools' -> 'Oberon' from the graphical menu. Consult the file 'AosInst.Tool' to install the system on your computer.

Two partitions are required: one with name 'AOS' for the system data and another with label 'POS' for the persistent data store.

Further information about the compiler and the evolution tool can be obtained from 'Persistence.Tool' in the system.