Former Group of Prof. Dr. Luc Bläser

Research Projects

Parallel Checker for C# in Visual Studio

This static checker tool detects parallel programming errors, such as data race and deadlocks, inside the Visual Studio IDE, i.e. directly while writing code. The tool runs very fast and with a high precision.

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Radically Simplified GPU Parallelization in .NET

A new programming model and runtime system atop the .NET framework to make GPU parallelization as simple as possible for a broad mass of .NET developers, without limiting generality and high performance.

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Cloud Task Parallelization in .NET

Cloud Task Parallelization aims to accelerate normal .NET task-parallel code dramatically, by exploiting remote parallel processor power in a transparent way. For this purpose, a new .NET runtime extension automatically extracts parallel tasks from the shared memory model and dispatches them to a cloud service for massive parallelization, e.g. by engaging a high-performance computing cluster behind the service interface.

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Composita Programming Language and System

Composita is a substantially new general-purpose programming language featuring hierarchical composition, dynamic wiring, fine-granular concurrency and communication-oriented interactions as first-class programming concepts. It is supported by a new small operating system that allows a huge amount of fine-granular processes and very fast context switches by an innovative from-scratch system design.

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Persistent Oberon

Persisent Oberon embeds data persistence directly in the Oberon programming language, eliminating the need of any explicit persistence mapping from and to a database system. Program objects and data is automatically stored and managed in an object store behind the scenes, thus giving the program the illusion of a infinite lifetime surviving system restarts.

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And various more applied research projects with companies...